Breathwork Services

Breathwork changed my life. It can change yours too! Breathwork is for anyone who is looking to level up in their life, gain clarity and start taking steps towards the life they've always dreamed of. 

Whether we are working together in-person or virtually, I'll give you 100%.

All that I ask of you is that you give 100% as well.


TEams and Private Groups

Whether you are a sports team, organization or business team, we'll curate a private Breathwork experience that will leave your group feeling amazing and connected in a whole new way. Breathwork does an amazing job at eliminating the competitiveness and ego within a team so that the entire group becomes a more cohesive unit, operating as one team instead of a bunch of individuals.

Through the music, coaching and gong playing, this session is designed to make your team feel connected, limitless and ready to smash the goals in front of them. 

sizes and PRICING

3 - 300 people

*Inquire for pricing*




1 on 1 Breathwork

Relax, lay down and I'll take care of the music.

This 60 minute Breathwork session begins with a conversation about what areas you're seeking clarity in and ends with actionable steps for you to take upon finishing. Through the music, coaching and your breathing you'll leave feeling blissed out ready to get after life. 


Pricing and packages

1 Session: $149

Pack of 5 Sessions: $599


1 on 1 VIRTUAL breathworK

Do you have a phone? How about some headphones? Ready to feel amazing?

Over the course of 45 minutes I will coach you through a Breathwork experience that will eliminate all of your stress and leave you feeling clear, energized and ready to go after your dreams with a baseball bat. After learning this 2 stage breath, you'll press play on one of our Breathwork Playlists and start breathing to the beat. I'll coach you over FaceTime or Google Hangout to make sure you are breathing correctly and giving it 100%.

Pricing and Packages

1 session: $85

Pack of 5 sessions: $349



What is Breathwork?
Breathwork is a form of active meditation that involves breathing deeply over top of evocative music and inspirational coaching. Consciously breathing in this way for a prolonged time period can have immense positive effects on physical, mental and emotional health. 

Ok, but what is it? Like how do I do it?

You close your eyes, lay on your back and breathe through your mouth… that’s it. I'll coach you through the 2 stage technique and make sure you are breathing correctly during the duration of the session or class. It’s like an exercise class for your mind, with some fun music, and a sprinkle of motivational coaching.

Do I need to prepare for this in any way?

No, but it is recommended that you not eat anything for at least an hour before.

What do I need to bring?

An open mind, a yoga mat, some cozy clothes and maybe a blanket. 

Any last advice?

Just come into this with zero expectations, breathe your ass off and see what happens ;)