When Life Hands You Lemons, Breathwork.

One of my brothers told me the other day how he had thoughts of harming himself with how much negative energy he had contained inside of him that he didn’t know how to release. Another brother shared how he’s been struggling deeply on the inside, contemplating suicide. Another young man shared a sexual assault incident that left him feeling violated and harmed. A woman shared how she’s been dealing with the loss of a family member. Another woman: sexual assault. Real life stuff that there are no pills for. In each of these incidents they shared how grateful they were for how Breathwork made them feel afterwards: connected to themselves with feelings of compassion. “An emotional blank slate” as one man described.

Breath is the medicine for life’s shit storms. It’s unique to you, it has an intelligence behind it that knows what you need, when you don’t know. It’s the panacea.

Sometimes our mind can’t put a finger on what’s causing our troubles, but the breath and body knows all. It knows you better than you know you. Trust it and rely on it to heal what’s happened in your life. Connect with it, develop a relationship with it, LOVE it.

Rob StarbuckComment