How to Overcome the Resistance in the Beginning of Breathwork

The first 10-15 minutes of Breathwork sucks. It’s similar to the first part of a workout or hike, the inner critic in our mind is turned on talking all sorts of shit. One way to minimize the resistance is to move before doing Breathwork. Move in ways that activate your entire body, move in ways you’ve never moved before, get your energy flowing through every crevice of your beautiful vessel. Dance, run in place, bust a freaky move, do some push ups, hit some yoga, pretend you’re doing karate, just move like you don’t give a damn, bend your spine a bit, get creative. Moving in ways you’ve never moved before wakes up parts of your mind that have never been turned on before. And you can move how ever you want whenever you want, so don’t limit your dancing to when you’re at a concert. Dance when you’re cleaning the house, groove when your walking the street. It will make you feel better because you’re getting the stuck energy to flowwwwww..

Rob StarbuckComment