The Enhanced Creativity Experienced in Breathwork

One of the more fun benefits Breathwork provides is the increase in creativity & problem solving ability due to the flow-state that is produced by focusing on the inhale/inhale/exhale of the breath for 30 minutes.

The first 15 minutes of this practice is spent turning down the mind, or the “thinking brain” that houses our inner critic, this is the asshole that says all your ideas are stupid and thrives on fear.. Fear of judgment fear of others, fear of all sorts of stuff. This critic is the wall preventing the expression of your innate creativity. Turning this part of the mind down is called Transient (temporary) Hypo (opposite of hyper: to slow down) Frontality (Prefrontal cortex: where our higher cognitive functions are held). With this part of the brain turned down funny things start to happen, like losing our sense of self and losing our sense of time. It’s why a journey can feel like 4 hours one day and then 5 minutes the next. Transient Hypo Frontality allows other parts of the mind that never get a chance to communicate with each other, to connect. Now all of a sudden you start to see connections between ideas that you weren’t aware of before, because you can see the entire picture instead of seeing it from a more linear and focused perspective.


Here’s an analogy: Say you lost your keys in your living room. The living room is pitch black, but you have a flashlight.. So you spend hours looking for your keys with your flashlight shining it all over the place.. You cant find them. Then you have the genius idea to turn on the light switch, illuminating the entire room. With the light on, you find your keys because you can see the whole room, but then you also see that the table is out of place, there’s a messy blanket on the floor and there is clutter everywhere.

Since you now have awareness of the entire room and can see how everything relates to each other you’re able to clean it and put it back in order simply by having this new expanded awareness. Insights and creative breakthroughs are common in Breathwork because we start to see the entire picture of how everything relates.

Integrating this new information back into your life can radically change your reality.

Rob StarbuckComment