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Breathwork with Jon Paul Crimi

Jon Paul Crimi is respected as one of the leading Breathwork instructors in the country and comes back once a month to lead the class that he started back in early 2017. This is a class you will not want to miss!


Breathwork is a form of active meditation that involves breathing deeply over top of evocative music and motivational coaching. Consciously breathing in this way for a prolonged time period can have immense positive effects on physical, mental and emotional health. 

Benefits of Breathwork:

  • Increased clarity, creativity and confidence

  • Connection to self and others

  • Heightened awareness

  • Decrease in stress and anxiety

  • Diminished feelings of fear

In this class you will close your eyes, lay on your back and breathe through your mouth for close to 25 minutes. At the end of 25 minutes, you’ll be guided through a visualization exercise designed so you that you can take actionable steps towards your goals upon leaving class.

Do I need to prepare for this in any way?

No, but it is recommended that you not eat anything for at least an hour before.

What do I need to bring?

An open mind, a yoga mat, some cozy clothes and maybe a blanket. Bring a friend too! 

Any last advice?

Just come into this with zero expectations, breathe your ass off and see what happens ;)

Earlier Event: October 8
Breathwork at The Church in Ocean Park
Later Event: October 21
Yoga + Breathwork + Sound