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Breathwork at "A Sound Healing Playground"//Wisdome DTLA

  • Wisdome.LA 1147 Palmetto St Los Angeles, CA (map)

“A Sound Healing Playground”

  • Elevating sound performance by special guest artist (TBA)

  • Immersive sound showers - AXiMAL

  • 432hz meditative sound story - ESQAPE

  • 360 dome short film - David Kill

  • “A Breathwork Journey” - Rob Starbuck

  • Tetra Healing zone by Cora

  • YRU unreleased designs exhibition

  • [ESQAPE] s/s 2019 viewing

Includes access to the Samskara Exhibition by Android Jones - Full Dome Projection Mapping Show, Interactive Art Gallery, and Microdose VR Demonstrations.

This Breathwork journey is a blend of transformative breathing techniques guided in conjunction with evocative music that takes you on a journey into the limitlessness of your soul. By hyper-oxygenating your body through the breath, you’ll experience a non-ordinary state of consciousness and gain access to the transcendent and infinite dimension within yourself. This specific breath has the power to clear the mental, emotional and physical blockages that are preventing you from connecting with your highest self and limitless potential. This is a powerful breath that can immediately shift you into a state of well-being and ecstasy while providing insight, clarity and creativity, not available in the conscious waking plane.

After 30 minutes of Breathwork, you’ll open your eyes and fly through a 360 degree projection map of another dimension.

Common Breathwork Benefits

  • Elevating consciousness

  • Increased creativity, intuition and problem solving

  • Removal of old subconscious programming

  • Clarity on self

  • Releasing of emotional trauma and energetic blockages

  • Heightened awareness

  • Dissolution of fears and stress

  • Bliss

** Breathwork is not recommended for anyone with a history of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, seizures, aneurysms or during pregnancy.