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"A Breathwork Journey"//Habitas- Venice, CA

  • Habitas 1107 Abbot Kinney Boulevard Venice, CA, 90291 United States (map)

** Limited to 10 Habitas members **

This Breathwork journey consists of transformative breathing techniques guided in conjunction with evocative music that takes you on a journey into the limitlessness of your soul. By hyper-oxygenating your body through the breath, you’ll experience a non-ordinary state of consciousness and gain access to the transcendent and infinite dimension within yourself. This specific type of breathing clears the mental, emotional and physical blockages that are preventing you from connecting with your highest self and limitless potential. This is a powerful breath that can immediately shift you into a state of well-being and ecstasy while providing insight, clarity and creativity, not available in the ordinary waking plane.

What is Habitas?


We believe in a life of inspiration and purpose. We are a diverse community of like minded people with a shared set of values and mindset. We prioritise human connections and experiences over material possessions.  We come together, old friends and new, for extraordinary experiences in our spaces around the world, from hotels we call our homes, to our clubhouses in the cities we live and work. We believe giving is more rewarding than receiving, because the more we give, the more we can change the world.