“The Art of Leading Breathwork”

A 2-day immersive experience that will give you the foundation, tools and knowledge necessary for you to feel confident and inspired to share this powerful practice with your community, loved ones and clients.

“The Art of Leading Breathwork” Level 1 Training

December 7th and 8th, 2019

Los Angeles, CA


There aren’t enough people in the world leading Breathwork. With how much this practice can change lives and save lives, making it accessible to more people across the planet is extremely important.

If you feel the call, you are invited to share the gift of Breathwork with your people.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to hold hundreds of Breathwork Journeys across the country ranging from 1 on 1 Private sessions, to consistent classes in studios and corporate events, to beautiful Journeys of over 250 people in festival settings. Through the direct experience of holding space for thousands of people to journey into themselves, I’ve learned the ingredients that enable people to truly let go and have profound, life-changing experiences through their own breath… the original medicine.

A Breathwork class is a live petri dish of humanity and during this training you'll become confident in supporting the entire spectrum of emotions people experience during Breathwork. Everyone is completely different having lived a completely different life journey than everyone else. We are an infinity piece jigsaw puzzle. There is something new to be learned about humans, about yourself and about how powerful emotions are every time you facilitate this practice. And it is important you understand what can happen during this practice, so you are serving from a relaxed place of trust and love rather than a place of fear of what might happen… like I did when I first started leading Breathwork journeys.

The art of leading Breathwork lies in your heArt.. from the structure, to the music, to the words you use, to how you show up. This practice is an artistic expression of you. Your unique offering of this practice is what the world is yearning for. Your heArt bleeding into your class and into your clients is what allows them to feel safe to experience themselves and the medicine that is uniquely designed for them.

I’m pouring my heArt into this weekend so that you leave feeling prepared and inspired to share Breathwork with your people and serve humanity in one of the most profound ways possible. Whether you want to simply share this practice with your loved ones or you want to make this a professional career that gives you the opportunity to create a life of deep meaning and limitless opportunity, these 2 days will give you everything you need to take flight.

Over the course of 2 days we’ll journey together through…

  • 2 Deep Breathwork Journeys (60 min)

  • The principles of holding space in sessions and outside of sessions

  • “Everything” that can happen after minute 12 of a Breathwork journey

  • Discussions on music and sound.. and “set and setting”

  • Creating a safe container with a rock-solid introduction and closing

  • How to communicate the science of Breathwork effectively

  • Utilizing human networks and “word of mouth” to aid in the virality of Breathwork across your communities and the planet

  • The Business of Breathwork - efficiently collecting money, pre-sale strategies, studio profit splits, legalities, and more.

  • Communicating with different audiences to grow your practice

  • Developing your story and creating your art

  • Class and session structures

  • Enhancing the depth of a Breathwork experience

  • Everything you need to know about approaching and working with studios in your city

  • Best practices so that you are at the top of your game when your clients close their eyes

When our journey together is complete you’ll have a support system to lean on and some new additions to your soul fam, all of whom want to see you fly. 

There are a limited amount of spots available for this one of a kind training. I hope to journey with you to infinity and beyond.

Much love,


* Specific, and rad, location of this experience will be announced in November.