If you would of told me 5 years ago I’d be leading Breathwork classes in LA and channeling an ancient language (also known as light language) I would of laughed and called you crazy. . but here we are :)

I played football at Georgetown University until 2010 and up until then, my life was built around this identity that had been created over many years of playing the sport I loved. When I stopped playing in 2010, my world came crashing down because I no longer had this identity propping up who I was anymore.

And so started an amazing journey in search of my true self that I am still on today.

This journey led me from Chicago to LA where I was introduced to Breathwork, a powerful form of active meditation done laying on your back breathing to music. When I first started breathing, I did it because it felt good. Breathwork has given me clarity that I see and feel. It has taught me what love feels like. It blasts fear right in the face. Its like powerwashing a driveway that hasn’t been washed in 30 years. Its like cleaning out an old stinky attic so you have the space to create a new badass attic.

Your breath is a legal psychedelic that you can use everyday to access parts of your mind, body and spirit you don’t have access to in the conscious, waking plane. I used Breathwork as a tool to reprogram the subconscious mind and rip out old stories, beliefs and fears that weren’t even mine to begin with.

But Breathwork isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. It shows you your shit… the shit you’ve been ignoring that has been causing your problems. Its a constant journey of clearing and cleaning. It shows you some of the darkest most horrific parts of your life which have caused the fears, beliefs and stories we live by. To change our life we must change the story. Breathwork clears out the old stories and connects you to your heart so you can start building a new one… if thats what you want.

Making Breathwork a daily practice can change who you thought you were. That comes with its own challenges that you aren’t familiar with because you’ve never done this dance before. Your friends may change, the clothes you wear may change, the smallest preferences throughout your life will change so that you are dancing in alignment with who you really are. People will make fun of you because you are a completely different human being than they thought you were… do not listen to them. The only thing that matters is what you say about you.

If there is one massive lesson to share with you its this: by holding stuff in and not expressing ourselves truly and honestly, we get sick.. anxious, depressed etc. Sometimes you are unable to express feelings with words because you are a unique individual and there are no words to accurately describe how you are feeling. So what do you do then? Express yourself through other ways. By making art, by dancing, by singing, by how you dress, by how you live… everything is art and everything is an expression of the unique you. It’s that expression of the unique you that is the most freeing medicine out there. Breathwork is the tool that you can use to uncover the true you underneath all the programmed beliefs, fears and stories that have created the identity you’ve lived your entire life up to until this point.

By doing Breathwork consistently I’ve been able to get to the root of some of my biggest fears, most of which stemmed from a sexual assault that happened many years ago. I was able to deal with it head on, through my own breath. Breathwork stripped out an outdated college football player identity, and allowed me to connect with the deeply creative part of me I had long forgotten.

Through this journey, I unlocked dormant DNA and uncovered an ancient language (also referred to as light language) which is shown now in my art work. This language is true expression of spirit and, when spoken, is a more authentic representation of me than the English word. It comes from my heart and bypasses the mind. It carries a high vibration that has been extremely healing for me. In starting to speak and sing this language, I’ve lost close to 15 pounds.. just from expressing myself through song.

My journey so far has led me to believe that the most important thing we can do as humans is to express ourselves authentically from our heart.

By doing this, we jump head first into fear and break free of the self imposed shackles we put ourselves in. We start living in love instead of living in fear.

Now I’m grateful to have the opportunity to share this powerful tool with others as I believe it is the best tool we have available to us in making long lasting change and creating the life we’ve always dreamed of. I’d love to help support you on your journey to becoming your highest expression, so please drop by class sometime! You can check out the upcoming class schedule by clicking here or book a private session (in person and virtually) by clicking here.

I love you,